Techorbit is a Limited Liability Company formed and entered into the telecommunication business ventures in 2005. Moving forward, the trademark of commitment, innovation in technology and superior customer service has made Techorbit one of the fastest emerging telecom companies in the region.

With the patronage of a business model formed and innovated upon over 4 decades, Techorbit became one of the best distributors in the region for Etisalat products and services.Moreover,Techorbit is working as one of the best specialized companies in the Telecom field for mobile phones and accessories trading and mobile services.

Almost a decade later, Techorbit has firmly placed as one of the strongest telecommunication presence in the region, recording more than 100% annual growth rate since its conceptualization in 2005.

Our Brands


We want to be the leading provider of telecom products and services in Middle East through partnerships and unparallel services.


We believe in enriching people's lives by helping them avail quality products and services by maximizing our reach to them.